Presentations from Exeter Science Park’s First Net Zero Carbon Conference

October 10, 2022


Please follow the links from the speaker slots to download the presentation:

Keynote: Alex Huke, Head of Environment and Clean Growth at University of Exeter

Session 1: Decent Work & Economic Growth
Chair: Victoria Hatfield – Exeter City Council
• UK Reporting Regulations and impact on start-ups (Jo Muncaster – City Science)
• Devon Retrofit (Mike Blakeley – Exeter College)
• Carbon Credits and Net Zero (John White – Emtec)
• Zeal Hotels (Tim Wheeldon)

Session 2: Climate Action and Life on Land
Chair: Dr Sally Basker, Exeter Science Park
• Sensing CO2 (Rebecca Mitchell – Quanterra Systems)
• Capturing CO2 (Russ Wakeham – Two Drifters & Sigma Technical)
• Valuing Trees (Kenton Rogers – Treeconomics)
• Agriculture Management (Barnaby Newell – Crop Kestrel)

Session 3: Sustainable Cities & Communities
Chair: Kingsley Clarke – Southern Construction Framework
• Getting East Devon to Net Zero (East Devon District Council – Andy Wood)
• Getting Exeter City to Net Zero (Exeter City Council – Karime Hassan)
• Getting Exeter Science Park to Net Zero (Exeter Science Park – Dr Sally Basker)
• Getting Devon to Net Zero (Devon County Council – Doug Eltham)

Keynote: Roli Martin, Managing Director at Global City Futures

Session 4: Affordable and Clean Energy
Chair: Ian McFadzen, Plymouth Science Park
• Energy (Trevor Hardcastle – Frontier Technical)
• Hydrogen (Gary Nicholson – Emerald Green Power)
• Smart Grids (Prof Zhongdong Wang – University of Exeter)
• Advanced power electronic technology (Dr Zaki Ahmed – Pulsiv)
• A Hydrogen Future (Ian Kingscott – Stovax & Gazco)

Session 5: Responsible Consumption & Production
Chair: Ben Voysey, SETsquared
• Sustainable domestic heating (Andy Slaney – Remit Zero)
• Recycling and refuse (Philippa Roberts – Binit)
• Future of Transport (Centre for Future Clean Mobility)
• Waterless Urinals (Bruce Priday – Smarti Environmental)