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Business support at Exeter Science Park

We are committed to creating an environment where businesses and organisations can thrive, through the provision of high-quality space, support and skills here in Exeter.

We provide access to leading institutions and mentoring and business support from SETsquared Exeter, and we work hard to connect our network of like minded companies to build our community.

For start-up companies, who are finding their feet in a competitive world, we provide the space, support and skills to help them prosper. Equally, for businesses who are scaling-up and are further in their growth cycle, we offer state-of-the-art multi-use technology facilities designed to give fast-growth businesses the space to succeed.

We can be flexible to suit the needs of your businesses, from bespoke workspace and fit-outs, to flexible lease lengths and office sizes.

How to find the right space for your business

From deciding how much space you need to calculating your costs, our Find Your Space guide covers the key points to consider when looking for the right office or lab. Download our Find Your Space guide below. 

For more information about the opportunities available at Exeter Science Park, call us on
01392 249222 or email

case study

The business and growth-focused profile for the Science Park has opened many doors for us.

Exeter Eyewear

Who are they?

Exeter Eyewear creates custom designed fitting aids and spectacles for children and young people who are unable to wear standard fitting glasses, whether that is due to their age, or because they have a disability.

Why Exeter Science Park?

Exeter Eyewear are developing children’s spectacles that focus on being inclusive. The team are using their offices at Exeter Science Park to research and develop new innovative products. Providing good quality, well fitted and highly adaptable eyewear for children has always been financially challenging, and the company’s new modelling and inhouse designing has streamlined the product delivery and reduced costs significantly.

Impact on the business

The company has already seen its profile raised since joining the Science Park community in March 2023. Exeter Eyewear founder, Rob Barrow said: “The business and growth-focused profile for the Science Park has opened many doors for us. As a startup, we value the business power of an address, and the ESP delivers this.”

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