What is a Science Park?

A science park, also known as a technology park or research park, is a specialised area or campus designed to foster innovation, research, and development in various scientific and technological fields. These parks are typically established near universities, research institutions, or other centres of excellence to create a synergy between academic and industrial/commercial research. They can offer a mix of office and laboratory space, suitable for large multinational and small early-stage companies, serviced offices and hotdesking facilities in a coworking environment. At many science parks there will be an acceleration and innovation partner. At Exeter Science Park we work with Set Squared Exeter.

What is a STEMM business?

A STEMM business is one which is predominantly focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine in its main business operations. Our business community page lists STEMM businesses or organisations.

What is Exeter Science Park’s gateway policy?

To support the STEMM focus of the park we have a gateway policy which all tenants must meet to rent offices or labs with us.

Companies based at Exeter Science Park must be science related and demonstrate: 

  • research and development of products or services 
  • active collaborations with universities, higher education, institutes, research or similar organisations 
  • a technology-based service 
How much office space do I need?

We always suggest a rule of thumb when considering letting office space at the science park to allow between 80-100 sq ft per person or 7.5-9 sq m approximately. Some companies prefer comfort and some don’t mind things being cosy!

Why should I join the Science Park community?

At Exeter Science Park, you will find a network of like-minded STEMM companies with innovative ideas, a willingness to collaborate and a drive to succeed.

We offer our tenants opportunities for mentoring, networking and ideas sharing and we focus on nurturing and building relationships, enabling these businesses to grow and succeed.

Is Exeter Science Park committed to sustainability & Net Zero?

Yes we are! All our newest buildings are EPC A+ for energy efficiency, Net Zero Carbon and BREEAM excellent. For companies looking to rent new office or lab space, being able to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability may attract environmentally conscious clients and partners. This could enable you to procure and secure valuable contracts and grant funding. Please visit our sustainability page.

What is the difference between a wet lab and a dry lab?

Wet labs conduct hands-on experiments with liquids, chemicals, and biological materials. Equipped with safety measures, they’re vital for chemistry, biology, and environmental science. Dry labs, on the other hand, focus on data analysis, simulations, and computational modelling without physical experiments. They require computers and specialized software, prominent in computer science, bioinformatics, and data science. The key distinction: wet labs involve hands-on experimentation, while dry labs emphasize computer-based research, tailored to scientific research needs.

What if we outgrow our space and need to move?

Our mission is to help innovative STEMM companies to deliver extraordinary growth. Therefore our leases allow businesses to grow to other buildings on the park. We have had companies move from the incubation stage in our Science Park Centre, to our Grow-On Buildings and Grow-Out Building.

What is the capacity of our conference venue?

Our conference suite comprises of our outdoor dome, a range of meeting & seminar rooms and our main café and atrium areas for evening events. Depending on how much space you hire we can cater for anything up to 200 people. We also have a grass quadrangle perfect for summer events and barbeques.

What meeting & events facilities do we have?

At Exeter Science Park we have a range of meeting rooms for hire that can accommodate 4 to 200 people. With an outdoor dome, training & seminar rooms, meeting space and a vaulted, glass fronted Atrium which is perfect for drinks & canapes and VIP receptions.

We are the perfect Exeter conference venue!

How many people can we cater for?

We can cater for anything up to 200 people.

How big are the meeting rooms at Exeter Science Park?

The Science Park Dome can hold 100 people theatre style. Our Knighthayes room can hold 70 people theatre style. Our Burgh & Lundy rooms can hold 40 people theatre style. We also have a suite of smaller meeting rooms that can hold between 4-12 people.

How do I book a meeting room?

All of our meeting rooms can be booked easily online. Please click here to book. Alternatively we are happy to take your booking on the telephone, please call 01392 247047.

Who can book a coworking space?

Anyone can book a desk in our fully equipped coworking space. We offer packages for dedicated coworking desks or on a number of days per week basis. We also have a per day rate to rent a hot desk. Call 01392 247047 to book.

How do I apply for a job in a business based at Exeter Science Park?

We have over 45 companies and organisations based here at the Science Park.  Many of them are currently recruiting. If you head over to our jobs board you can view those positions currently available and apply.