Sustainability and Net Zero at Exeter Science Park

Sustainability is at the heart of Exeter Science Park. We provide sustainable office space and a commitment to a net zero carbon footprint. We also encourage the use of sustainable transport where possible. 

Both the Ada Lovelace and George Parker Bidder Buildings are net zero carbon. The new Zeal Hotel (open Dec ’24) will be a sustainable net zero carbon hotel.

The Park has the infrastructure to support up to 100 electric vehicle charge points and we are also the location of Devon County Council’s Park and Change site, providing parking for up to 300 vehicles and enabling commuters to choose sustainable methods of transport to continue their journeys into the city.

We are also easily accessible by public transport from Exeter and served by dedicated cycle routes to and from the city centre and University.

Sustainable office space

Renting one of our environmentally friendly offices or laboratories allows your company to showcase its commitment to sustainability and may attract environmentally conscious clients and partners, enabling you to procure and secure valuable contracts and grant funding.

Energy efficiency

Our EPC A+ buildings are equipped with cutting-edge energy-efficient technologies, such as LED lighting, smart climate control systems, and advanced insulation. These features not only minimize energy consumption but also lead to substantial cost savings on your utility bills.

Net Zero carbon footprint

Our offices and laboratories are designed to have a net zero carbon footprint. Choosing a net zero office building will allow your company to significantly reduce its environmental impact and demonstrate your commitment to combating climate change. Your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility will resonate with stakeholders, including clients, investors, and in potential employees.


Squarefoot of Net Zero Carbon space in the Ada Lovelace and George Parker Bidder buildings


KwH (approx) of electricity generated since 2021


REGO certified green energy from renewable sources


KwH of electric vehicle charging since November 2022


Net Zero Carbon hotel currently being built and due to open in December 2024