FinTech event at Exeter Science Park

December 22, 2022


Why not join us at Exeter Science Park on Wed 18th January for the next SETsquared Exeter Discovery Room events, when we will be looking at “FinTech: navigating the balance between innovation and regulation”

This FREE event will be taking place on Wednesday 18th January 2023 at 12.30. You can join online or come along in person to Exeter Science Park Limited, where a light lunch is provided.

Technology has brought change to the world of finance at dizzying speed. Disruptive FinTech innovations are bringing new services to
consumers and clients that means traditional financial providers are needing to innovate to remain relevant. But what about regulation, what about risk?

• How can entrepreneurs keep up momentum in a sector that is understandably scrutinised so heavily?

• How can customers embrace the opportunities of change with confidence?

• How do regulators and investors evaluate the risks without stifling innovation?

This event is designed for individuals, SMEs, start-ups and anyone who:

➡ Is interested in learning more about how to navigate the highly regulated world of FinTech
➡Would like to delve into related compliance and regulatory changes opportunities
➡Would like to explore the appetite for risk from differing stakeholders
➡Wishes to develop their network and connections with those in the sector

Please register to take part: