FE News

Platform as a Service thought leadership channel for FE and Skills

FE News is a thought leadership platform (Platform as a Service) for the Further Education and Skills sector for over 20 years, our specialism is exploring the skills needed for the jobs of the future. 70% of our audience is in the UK, 30% international (a lot of our contributors are thought leaders and influencers such as OECD, G20, ILO and Unesco etc).

We have been established since 2003, we are digital content specialists, working with thought leaders to Prime Ministers, mainly in written word, but also with video interviews, livestreams and shorts exploring things such as the impact of AI on the future of work and skills, qualification reform, Apprenticeships, to employability and social justice. Yeah.. we’re cool! 

Our core business is the thought leadership channel… but we also have an events business and digital media strategy and consultancy business. We are technology driven (we have been a PaaS longer than Facebook and Twitter), had AI tools to enable digital publishing for over 6 years.