East Devon Carbon Action Programme Launch Event

10.30am - 3pm,  
13 June 2024
Exeter Science Park
Join us at this engaging event with businesses that will provide carbon reduction solutions to help you with your net zero plans


Join us for an inspiring launch event for the East Devon Carbon Action Programme.

We are delighted to welcome Peter LeFort as our keynote speaker to share his experience, having been working in response to the climate crisis for over 15 years. Peter is responsible for the running of the Green Futures Network at the University of Exeter and has previously worked on responses to the climate emergency for Cornwall Council’s Carbon Neutral Cornwall, the Eden Project, and People & Planet.

You will be able to learn about the support available to businesses, charities and community organisations to help become more sustainable, as well as details about the upcoming grants available through Carbon Action Fund to purchase decarbonisation equipment.

There will be a range of businesses showcasing carbon reduction equipment and solutions so you can discuss your plans, explore new technology and learn about the range of products and services that are available to you when considering options for investment and implementation of your net zero plans.

The event will offer two bite sized one-hour workshops – “A holistic view of Net Zero”

The Why
Why is it important as an individual organisation, and why is it important as an East Devon organisation and part of the bigger district picture to embark on a net zero journey?

The How
How does the journey to reach net zero relate to local businesses and community organisations?

What Next
What does the Carbon Action Fund grant offer and how can you apply this to your own business or organisation?

BIP, Cosmic and Carbon Sense teams will be in attendance to provide motivational presentations on the advantages of engaging with net zero, the Carbon Action Programme, and the grants available through the Carbon Action Fund.

The East Devon Carbon Action programme (EDCAP) has been designed to provide free support for businesses and community organisations of all sizes across East Devon to measure and reduce their carbon impact, bring in more environmentally-friendly practices and move towards becoming net zero.

The East Devon Carbon Action Programme is funded by East Devon District Council.

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